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Sunday, October 20, 2002

Mt Oxford 20th October 2002

Uncle Roddus Tramping diary: Tramp No.13
Mt Oxford (again) 20th October 2002

This was another solo trip and I did it as I was going to head up to Porters Pass and head up to Foggy Peak, but the Nor'west changed my mind about that and instead I decided to do the Mt Oxford loop as I had not done it this way. I left Coopers Creek at 10:25am and headed along the westerly track towards Ryde Falls and the Warfdale track. After linking onto the Warfdale for several minutes I reached the Mt Oxford track and proceeded to climb. Had lunch at 1:00pm on the ridge where the stunted and twisted Beech trees are all covered with moss. This is my favorite part of Oxford Forest, it is very cool. Didn't stay long as the wind was cold and headed on to the summit, reaching it around 2:30pm. Rested for a good 30 minutes hiding from the wind behind the rock wall while meditating on the great views out across the plains. The wind intensified on the way down and I was relieved to hit the bush again. Got to the car around 4:45 PM.