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Saturday, December 21, 2002

Mt Benmore 21st December 2002

Uncle Roddus Tramping diary: Tramp No. 16
Mt Benmore (again) 21st December 2002

My second attempt at this tramp in the past few months looked much more promising than the last attempt , with ten of us from The CTC leaving the cars at about 10am on a fine day. We crossed the flat and started up the hill following a farm track, a different way from last time but My memory fails to pinpoint exactly where we ascended. Had lunch at the mast station and then continued along the ridge, dropping down the spur at the other end. A pleasant but uneventful walk apart from the fuss made crossing a creek near the cars at the end of  the walk as every one still had dry feet and so all sorts of manoeuvres were concocted to try to keep feet dry, I just waded through no worries. No photos  for this one either.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Mt Winterslow 15th December 2002

Uncle Roddus Tramping diary: Tramp No.15
Mt Winterslow 15th December 2002

A group of about 10 of us from the CTC  headed off along Woolshed track for this epic trip way back in the summer of 02'. Left the cars around 10:40am on another glorious day to amble up through scrubby bush, pausing to check out the old coal mining site, before continuing on to the Woolshed Creek hut. All very open terrain with low scrub and tussock and a well formed track made for good travel. Had a break at the Woolshed Hut, which was an old musterers hut and has now been replaced with a large new DOC hut, complete with Warden and renamed the Mt Sommers Hut. A few minutes up stream was an old wooden structure which was used as a sauna. This now has been removed by DOC. My Guess is from the hut we crosses the stream and headed up the ridge on the true left of Woolshed Creek reaching the top just east of Peach Saddle. Along the tops we went finally reaching Winterslow point at 1700m and had a quick stop before heading back down the way we came untill we dropped off the tops at a scree slope, possibly from point 1625. This was my first Scree and I loved it. I believe we then linked up with Morgan stream and followed it back down to Woolshed hut arriving there around 6pm. The last part of this trip was back out along Woolshed track the same way we came in and we arrived back at the cars at 7:40 PM. I was exhausted, the longest day I had yet done. Around 25KM with a height gain of about 1200m. And finally I have photos.

 The entrance to the old mine site
 Looking down on Woolshed Hut
 A small gorge
 The Old Musters hut, now gone.
 The Sauna, also gone
 looking across to Mt Sommers
 Some Nice Views
 Me in my early tramping regalia

The wide open tops