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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Warfdale Track 23 November 2002

Uncle Roddus Tramping diary: Tramp No.14
Warfdale track 23 November 2002 

Still Sticking with the local tramping for this one, my first trip with my tramping buddy, Bryce, who had recently moved down from the North Island. Our Intention was to go up to Black Hill hut, but after talking with another fellow on the track it appeared to much to go there and back in  one day. Left View Hill around 9:40am on another perfect day and after a pleasant walk along the Warfdale, got to the Black hill junction about 12:30. After consulting the map we decided to head on to the Warfdale Shelter and have lunch. Left the shelter around 1:45pm and headed straight up the hill opposite the shelter which linked us back onto the track I had been on just the month before in the moss covered trees. The track was very steep and not too well formed in places so had to stay alert. got to the Mt Oxford junction and headed straight back down to the Warfdale and View hill, arriving at the car around 5PM. A good days walk.Apparently the Warfdale track follows a route that the old farmers use to use to drive cattle to and from Lees valley. A lot of this area is regenerating native forest.