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Sunday, September 24, 2000

Mt Binser 24th September 2000

Uncle Roddus Tramping diary: Tramp no.2
Mt Binser 24/9/2000 

This was my second trip with the CTC , heading for Mt Binser, off the Mt White Rd, looking over the Waimakariri  River. Things got off to a bad start when the leaders car broke down just near the limeworks outside of Springfield. Lots of time was lost getting his car back to Springfield and then heading back to Sheffield to get my car which we left there when they picked me up.Don't quite remember how we achieved all this, but we must have had 2 cars as there were 6 of us minus the leader who stayed behind to sort his car.
  The rest of us didn't get started on the Binser Saddle Track until about 10:45am on this fair day with a light nor'wester.The track starts off with a steep but short assent before flattening out to pleasant travel through Beech forest.After a while we got to a long open tussock area just below Binser saddle, where we stopped for lunch before an easy bushbash off to the right taking us up the ridge onto the first point of Binser. There was still some snow on the tops but not enough to need crampons or ice axe, which was good as I didn't have any nor did I know how to use them back then. As it was now around 3PM and starting to snow lightly, any thought of actually getting along to the highest point of Binser was abandoned and back to the cars we went to reach them by about 5PM. This Mountain became the first to be added to my list of trips still to complete.
No photos available for this trip.

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