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Sunday, February 2, 2003

Wharfedale Hut 1st-2nd febuary 2003

Uncle Roddus Tramping diary:Tramp No20
Wharfedale Hut 1st-2nd febuary 2003
The Wharfedale hut is located on the Wharfedale track, in the Oxford Forest, which is right on my backdoor step, so to speak.. A local friend and myself  did this nice easy trip on a fine and warm weekend way back when. It was originally our intention to head up to Black Hill hut. We left Coopers Creek fairly late, around 11am and headed in to the Ryde Falls for lunch, then linked onto the Wharfedale track about 2:30pm, obviously not travelling at too fast a pace, it was 5pm when we got to the Black hill track junction. We were both low on water and it being so hot we decided to go on to the Wharfedale  Hut instead of the steep climb up Black Hill.
A hot and sleepless night was spent at the hut with a lazy start on the Sunday with us leaving again around 11am.
 This time we climbed the track by the hut which took us onto Mt Oxford, where we had a pleasant lunch on the summit, without wind for a change. Dropped down the east ridge of the mountain back to Coopers Creek , arriving at the cars by 5pm.

Ryde Falls

Another shot of the falls, this lovley spot is only 2 hours walk from the Coopers Creek car park.

I may have been a bit overdressed for the heat that day.

Wharfedale Shelter interrior

Steve reading at the end of a 24km walk

The junction on the western ridge of Mt Oxford.

A beautiful day on the top.

A good specimen of a Totora tree. not many of them around here, mostly Beech trees.

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