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Sunday, November 23, 2003

The Gap - 23 November 2003

Uncle Roddus Tramping Diary:Tramp No 31
The Gap 23 November 2003

Out with the CTC for a second day in a row and back in the same area for this trip along the Torlesse Range to the Gap. This time it was a stunning day as 8 of us headed up from Porters pass at about 9:30am, first climbing up to Foggy Peak and then onto Castle Hill, with a height gain of about 1056M. Had lunch at Castle Hill Peak, before heading down to the gap where we played on the snow that was still there and enjoyed the views. A nice slope with enough snow for some bum sliding made for a quick and fun descent down into the top of the Kowai River. It was a pleasant and picturesque walk back out to the hut before the final leg back to the highway on the path we had walked the day before.

Looking back along the tops of the Torlesse Range

Looking down to Castle Hill Station.

More Hills.

Lunch near Castle Hill peak

Skylarking at the Gap

Continuing down the snow after our bum slide.

Looking back up to the Gap as we descend into the Kowai.

Looking up the scenic Kowai with the Gap in the background.

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