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Monday, December 13, 2010

VA - Ghana Special- Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Ghanaian Blue 1968-81 (Strut 2010)

Whats hot on the Uncle Roddus stereo.
Ghana Special- Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Ghanaian Blue 1968-81
A recent Roddus purchase.

CD 1

1. Mercury Dance Band - Kai Wawa [Mono Version] (3:00)
2. T.O. Jazz - Owuo Adaadaa Me [Mono Version] (2:51)
3. Christy Azuma & Uppers International - Din Ya Sugri (7:02)
4. The Barbecues - Aaya Lolo [Mono Version] (3:48)
5. Asaase Ase - Ohiani Sua Efir [Mono Version] (4:01)
6. St. Peter & the Holymen - Bofoo Beye Abowa Den [Mono Version] (3:14)
7. City Boys Band - Nya Asem Hwe [Mono Version] (4:50)
8. Hedzoleh Soundz - Edinya Benya (3:16)
9. The Cutlass Dance Band - Hwehwe Mu Yi Mpena [Mono Version] (3:17)
10. Dr. K. Gyasi & His Noble Kings - Sei Nazo [Mono Version] (3:02)
11. Kyeremateng Atwede & His Kyeremateng Stars - I Go Die For You (5:22)
12. Vis-A-Vis - Obi Agye Me Dofo [Original Version] (9:50)
13. Ebo Taylor - Twer Nyame (5:21)
14. Big Beats - Mi Nsumõõ Bo Dõnn [Mono Version] (3:38)
15. Pa Steele's African Brothers - Odo Mmera [Mono Version] (3:01)
16. The Ogyatanaa Show Band - You Monopolise Me [Mono Version] (3:14)

CD 2
1. The African Brothers International Band – Wompe Masem
2. Gyedu-Blay Ambolley & His Creations – Akoko Ba
3. The Sweet Talks – Akampanye
4. Houghas Sorowonko – Enuanom Adofo
5. Oscar Sulley’s Nzele Soundz – Bukom
6. Bokoor Band – You Can Go
7. K. Frimpong & His Cubanos Fiestas – Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’Awu
8. Basa Basa Soundz feat. Fela Anikulapo Kuti – Dr. Solutsu
9. Pagadeja – Tamale
10. Hedzolleh Soundz – Omusus Da Fe M’musu
11. The Uhuru Dance Band – Yahyia Mu
12. Dr. K. Gyasi & His Noble Kings – Noble Kings (Yako Aba)
13. The Wellis Band – Bindiga
14. Boombaya – Boombaya
15. Sawaaba Soundz – Owuo
16. The Cutlass Dance Band – Them Go Talk Of You
17. Honny & The Bees Band – Sisi Mbon

I won't say too much about this as there is plenty already written out there on the WWW, but I was excited to find this excellent and awesome double Cd compilation of  Afro funk and psychedelia from the truly great Soundways Records, who along with Analogue Africa(see African Scream Contest) are releasing some fantastic comps of  rare African music. I had another of Soundways comps in digital format from the web, so it was wonderful to actually get my hands on an actual CD of this music. 33 tracks of pure estacy from the cream of  the Ghanaian music scene of the 70s. A couple of the tracks were supplied by the infamous Frank from "Voodoo funk" blog, so plenty of the names were recognizable to me.This music just blows my mind and is just plain brilliant and the remastering(some direct from vinyl) is first rate and I rate the whole comp 5/5. This stuff grooves like nothing you have ever heard  before. Check out some of the songs on You tube Below.

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