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Monday, November 7, 2011

Crazy Penis - Wicked Is Music (UK 2002)

An Uncle Roddus album Review

1. There's A Better Place! (7:20)
2. You Started Something (7:29)
3. Soulmutation (7:55)
4. Keep On (7:10)
5. Give It Up (7:14)
6. You Are We (6:49)
7. Change (5:37)
8. Beautiful People (6:34)
9. Bad Dismount (6:43)
10.Mind Wind Open (6:20)

I was defiantly curious about this when I came across it in one of the chain record stores several years ago, why? Well the name of course. I didn't buy it at the time but I knew it when I came across it in Blog-land a while back and so got the opportunity to check it out. House music I think is what this is classified as, slower tempo electronic based dance music, kinda funky with soul influenced vocals quite commercial sounding but not outstanding. "There's A Better Place" is my favourite track and "You Started Something" is a pleasant radio friendly number with a nice vocal. The rest of the album cruises along nicely with a nice late night laid back feel, good back ground music, with "Keep On' reminding me a bit of Sade. Gets a bit tedious over its 70 odd minutes with the music blurring into itself and failing to really hold my attention and even after being on the Ipod  for a week, no tracks really stand out as being familiar, for lack of impinging themselves on my subconscious, except the first track. Worth keeping though as a nice piece of mood music and gets a rating of 2.5/5

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