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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bealey Spur - 16th January 2005

Uncle Roddus tramping Diary: Tramp No. 52
Bealey Spur 16th January 2005

A CTC trip that was originally going to go to Mt Stewart in Arthurs Pass, but due to weather forecasts and conditions, this trip was completed instead. A party of 16 trampers headed up Bealey Spur around 9:00AM, stopping at the hut for morning tea before heading round the ridge to point 1875. Enjoyed the excellent views before dropping down Jordon Stream and rock hopping back down to the Waimak River and then back out to Bealey Bridge. A nice trip with a height gain of about 1100 M and walked about 22KM.

A good shot of the ridge we travelled.

The view across the Waimak looking up the Crow valley.

A shot from point 1875, looking up the Avoca.

Relaxin' at the top, the day turned out fine in this area.
Rock hopping down the Jordon.

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