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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Mt Faust - 11th January 2004

Uncle Roddus Tramping Diary Tramp No. 37
Mt Faust - 11th January 2004

This trip with the Christchurch Tramping club onto Faust, which is the hill on the southern end of The Libertto Range, overlooking the Lewis Pass Highway, is a common trip in this area. According to my tramping diary, 15 of us left the St James Walkway car park at around 9:30am, on what looked to be a fairly fine day. My memory is a bit vague, but apparently we crossed the Boyle river on the main road and headed up a good track on the south-western ridge of Faust, travelling through lovely open beech forest. We stopped for eats at the first large tarn, before heading on to Faust itself. Here the group split, with several of us carrying on to a point, of which I am not quite sure of now, further on, while the rest stopped at Faust. After Lunch, as the wind was getting up, we returned to the rest of the group. According to my diary, we descended down the eastern side of the mount following a possible loop track, which we lost half way down and so dropped down a shingle slide into a creek bed and followed that out to the St James Walkway.

Regrouping in the forest.

That Tarn I mentioned.

Some of the views.

A lovely day across the tops.

More Views.

The libretto Range.

And more views.

Uncle Roddus on the rocks.

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