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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mt Peel - 14 January 2006

Uncle Roddus Tramping Diary:Tramp No 55
Mt Peel - 14 january 2006

2005 wasn't a good year for getting out tramping and it was nearly a year from January 2005 to this trip in February 2006 between trips 54 and 55. This was another CTC trip on which 7 of us headed off from the cars about 9:20am on a fine and warm day and headed up through the bush and along the spur to Little Mt Peel, taking about 2 hours on this first leg. Continuing up along the spur, we achieved Middle Mt Peel around 1:30pm and had second lunch. Ascended Big Mt Peel by 2:45pm and had 3rd lunch before heading back out the way we came, arriving back at the cars about 6:45pm. A fairly big day with a height gain of over 1300M and traveled nearly 24KM.

Heading up the first section.

The shelter on little Mt Peel.

Cool how we had this wall of fog on one side and nice sunshine on the other.

On Big Mt Peel.

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