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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Henry Saddle/Anne hut/Foley Creek October 2006

Uncle Roddus Tramping Diary:Tramp No 61
Henry Saddle/Anne hut/Foley Creek October 2006

This little adventure was undertaken by four keen CTC members who left the car at the Lewis Pass end of the St James walkway at around 10:30am on a cool and slightly overcast spring day. After following the beautiful St James walkway to the first swing bridge, we drop down into the river bed and follow it up stream to the Henry Saddle, a fairly common route. Over the saddle into the Henry River, things got a bit more difficult but once into the river its self we just bolder hopped our way down stream. Uncle Roddus got quite a bit ahead of the rest of the party and when the river started to gorge out he went up into the bush on the true left and then waited a bit for the others to catch up. After a while with no sign of them, he continued down onto the flats below and again waited a short while, expecting them to catch up very soon. Then the rain came and so after putting on his precipitation protection equipment, he decided they must have passed him on the other side of the river earlier on and surely won't be too far ahead of him and he will see them out on the open flats soon. Trudging along the open river flats in the pouring rain with no sign of the others ahead of him, he was starting to wonder what went wrong, but decided to get to Anne hut and see from there. After a good hour of slogging it through the rain, Anne Hut showed its self and the rain eased just as He run into his party coming the other way from the hut looking for him.
Sunday is dryer but still cool and overcast as we head off along the St James for an easy walk up to Anne Saddle. After dropping off the Saddle we find Boucher Stream and head up to the saddle before dropping into Foleys creek for the bolder hop back to the highway. Some difficult terrain in the creeks but overall a moderately easy trip.
Just dropped off the St James.

Heading up to Henry saddle

Anne hut

The St James on Sunday

Heading up Boucher Stream.

On The Saddle between Boucher and Foley Creeks

I think this is in Foley's Creek.

Near Henry saddle on Saturday.

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