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Monday, September 18, 2006

Mount Somers - 17th September 2006

Uncle Roddus Tramping Diary: Tramp No 59
Mt Somers 17th September 2006

This early spring trip with the CTC took a different approach to Mt Somers than I had done before. We left the carpark at about 10:30am and headed off along the nice track to Pinnacles hut on a fine day with light winds. We arrived at the hut around 12:45 and had a nice relaxed and extended lunch before heading off again up to the saddle. From there we left the track and clambered up through the rock up to the summit, arriving about 3:30pm. There was still plenty of winter snow on the tops and so we put on crampons for out travel across. Several of us practiced our cramponing in a very steep gut before regrouping with the rest of the party for the journey back to the cars via the southern route and Staverly hill. Arrived at the cars around 6:30pm.
Approaching Pinnacles Hut.

The rocky side of Mt Somers

Pinnacles Hut
Another shot of the rocky side of Mt Somers.

Heading across the tops.

A view from the summit.

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