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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day(Live 2007)

An Uncle Roddus DVD/CD Review

December 10th 2007 at the O2 Arena London, A concert that 20 million people applied for tickets and millions more dreamed of being there. Quite possibly the most anticipated reunion concert ever and judging by this new DVD concert movie, the greatest reunion concert ever. Thank you Santa for bringing this into my life. I have watched it twice today already and am even more impressed second time through. The quality of both sound and picture is outstanding, as you'd expect and although I had read the review of the original concert and of this release, I am still surprised and extremely glad that is is as good as it is. A lot of these classic rock bands, when they record these concerts, create a sound that sounds overly polished and processed and quite soulless in this modern digital age. Zeppelin still have the passion and the chemistry playing together to create something that goes well beyond the technical sound quality of this concert to produce something magical that comes across even on the TV screen. It is why they were/still are one of the greatest bands on the planet. Robert Plant, although not quite capable of reaching the falsetto heights of his youth, never-the-less is in stunning form and has still got it to give these songs his all and Jimmy Page has lost none of his prowess on that guitar. Words fail me to describe how utterly fantastic this concert was and was probably even better in the O2 Area on the night. Many of the classics are here and sound as good as ever.
A Roddus Rating of 5/5. 

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