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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ben Lomond - 12th January 2013

Uncle Roddus Tramping diary: Tramp No 128
Ben Lomond - 12th January 2012.

Was planning on doing a club trip this weekend but instead had to make an impromptu trip to Queenstown to take the Mother-in-Law home as Mrs.Roddus, who was suppose to do it, wasn't feeling too well. As the weather forecast for Saturday was looking good for that part of the country, I decided to leave on Friday afternoon and spend Saturday doing this climb, which I didn't get to do last time I was down that way.
The Track starts almost down by the lake near an old historic power station and first follows the route of the water pipe that feed the station from a dam further up One Mile Creek, through some lovely native bush before we get into the pine forest further up where we intersect several mountain bike tracks. One has to stay alert to all the signs and make sure they take the right track. After another 150 odd meters of moderate climbing, we clear the forest and continue to follow a very well formed track up to the saddle at point 1316. The gradient of this track is quite easy and so quick progress was made in reaching the saddle in just on 2 hours, including photo stops. At the saddle I stopped for morning tea buy hunkering down on the lake side of the saddle to shelter from the brisk wind blowing over the saddle. After refreshments, I started of on the last 400 odd meters to the summit following the more steeper and rockier track to the small monument at the top. Time to the top including break and photos, 3 hours. The wind was light enough to allow me about 25 minutes at the summit enjoying the views and chatting with the 4 other people who were up there at that time. As we had all come up early we missed the heavy traffic at the top, which I passed on the way back down, which helps explains why the track is so well formed. I bolted back down to the saddle in very quick time and was sometimes almost jogging back down the track to the forest. By the time I reached the trees My legs were getting a bit sore and my boots were starting to give blisters, so things slowed down a bit after that. Still got back to the car in about 1 hour and 30 minutes and made for an overall time of almost exactly 5 hours and quite sore legs the following day. Not bad though for a climb of 1400M.

The old powerhouse at the start of the track.
The Track followed the waterpipe from the dam.

Sorting out which path to take.

The view of the summit from just past the tree line.
The saddle
A nonchalant Billy Goat near the saddle.

A closer view of the summit from near the saddle.

Looking back along the track.

The view out the back of Ben Lomond.

Lake Wakatipu.

Uncle Roddus on top with Queenstown and the Remarkables in the background.

Another Goat I met on the way down.


Arthur Bernardo said...

wow...that place is wonderful , very nice :D

your blog is very cool , congratulations !

greetings from Portugal...
Arthur B

Roddus said...

Thanks Arthur.