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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sun Ra - Media Dreams (USA 1978)

The Latest Sun Ra Arrival.

With a busy work load comes a higher income and more excess cash and in my case, some of that excess gets used on buying CDs. There is quite a back log of new CDs arrived that I am listening too at present and have been struggling to find time to blog them, but with my back playing up again, tramping and gardening are not things I can reliably indulge in and even working is slightly difficult at present. So its time to make some quick entries on these recent arrivals.
Art Yard seems to have targeted a specific period in the Sun Ra discography for their releases with a considerable number of them coming from the late 70s and it may be due to the fact that this period is an extremely creative one for Ra as far as I am concerned. Media Dreams is another release from this period that stands well above much of his other work and has some great soloing from Gilmore and Ray over some interesting electronic noodling from Ra. Also with an additional second disc of  a live recording offering up a great Ra piano solo amongst other electronic solos, this release is essential for Sun Ra affectionardos. Rating 4.5/5.

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