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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Throbbing Gristle - First Annual Report (UK 1975?)

Hot out of the mailbox.

Apparently, according to the liner notes above, this is the great lost TG album, supposedly recorded in studio sometime in 1975 but never released by the band. This could possibly be a bootleg although Thirsty Ear is a legitimate  label as far as I know. It was most disappointing for me though, when this arrived, after spending a not to small sum buying it second hand(its out of print), I discovered that I already have all the music included herein on a budget Cd I picked up locally some time back called Final Muzak.
 Overall, this is not a greatly arresting set, but has plenty of sonic peculiarities amongst the drones to keep it interesting. It kicks of with the epic 18 minute "Very Friendly", A quite graphic monologue from Genesis P Orridge describing the Murder of Edward Evans by Ian Brady and Mira Hindley in October 1965. The Monologue is set to a very distorted bass line that starts off impressively enough but gets a bit tedious after 15 minutes, but the piece finishes a prolonged epitaph of quite superb and impressive sound effects in the last three minute giving us a taste of some of the brilliance yet to come from TG.
"Dead Bait" is a very minimal Synth type of thing that is interesting for a start but really goes nowhere but is a piece of quiet relief before the next slab of industrial noise. The rest of the album kinda follows along like the opening track, several not all that inspiring dirges, but interspersed with some pretty good sound effects that keep one interested. The sound id mistakenly TG, but a group still finding their feet. Rating 2.5/5.

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