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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Uncle Roddus weeks playlist 21/9/2015-27/9/2015

    Album of the Week
    Southern Front - ST, Failsafe Records 1984

    A great lucky find this week, the self titled and only album by the 1980's Christchurch band Southern Front.
    Released on Failsafe Records in 1984. I had a copy back then but it went when I sold my LP's back in the late 90's. I always had fond memories of this record and had been on the lookout for a CD copy for many years. A reissue was never forthcoming until 2013, but I didn't know and so kept looking for the original vinyl, without much success, even though I didn't have a turntable at the time.  So strangely enough now that I do have a turntable again, I'm just having a quick look through the bins at my local second hand vinyl emporium, when I should have been somewhere else doing something more constructive, like working, and low and behold there right at the back of a bin where it shouldn't have been was the long lost LP in person.
    The sales person was full of tidbits regarding the LP as he had known some of the band members back in the day and had helped them insert the records into their covers before distribution to the local record shops, he said some times they wrote little cryptic comments on the inside cover, although mine just has a name, probably of a former owner.
    The band had formed from the ashes of a couple of local punk bands and had moved their sound in a more post punk direction as so many did after exhausting the limitations of punk. Listening to this album nearly 20 years after the last I heard it, I find it has aged very well and sounds just as good as I remember. Blasting it again tonight I am impressed how well recorded and mastered it is, good separation and clear sounding.
    The music is mostly up tempo, the Failsafe website mentions Killing Joke as a reference, although I would apply that more to another seminal Christchurch Band, The Gordons, but there is definitely some early U2 sounding Guitar effects and a good but of early Cure would be another clue. I guess on the surface this sounds just like a thousand other post punk bands of the time and any of these songs would feel right at home on any compilation of obscure local music of the time, but familiarity breeds respect and admiration for the strength of this music, well for me anyway. Rating 4.5/5.

    Here is what has been massaging (and sometimes pummeling) my ears this week.
    In no particular order, but kinda in the order I listened to them.

  • The Horace Silver Quintet - The Cape Verdean Blues, Blur Note ST 82240 (1965/2015 LP)
  • Rosanne Cash - The River and the Thread, Blue Note (2015 CD)
  • Don Cherry - Complete Communion, Blue Note ST 84226 (1965/2015 LP)
  • Vas Deferens Organization – Mutant Sounds Radio (09.11.15) Podcast
  • Counting The Beat Radio Show 19/9/2015 - Waiheke Radio/Chris Walker - Sound Cloud
  • Southern Front - Southern Front, Failsafe Records SAFE004 (1984 LP)
  • Various Artists - Crammed Global Soundclash 1980-1989, Crammed Discs CRAM100 (2003 3CD)
  • Various Artists - Class Of 81, Mutant Sounds Blog, MP3 Download
  • Various Artists - Never Trash A Pretty Face, Mutant Sounds Blog MP3 Download
  • Vangelis - Albedo 0.39, RCA (1976 LP)
  • Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense, EMI (1984 LP)
  • Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time, United Artists (1975 LP)
  • Andre Jaume & Michel Redolfi-Hardscore-France-1980 Mutant Sounds Blog MP3 Download
  • Brad Laner - Micro-awakenings, Mutant Sounds Blog MP3 Download
  • Rush - A Farewell to Kings, Phonogram (1977 LP)
  • Jethro Tull - War Child, Chrysalis (1974 LP)
  • Queen  -A Night At The Opera, EMI (1975 LP)
  • Alabama Shakes - Sound & Colour  (2015 TIDAL streaming)
  • Robert Plant and Alison Kruass - Raising Sand (2007 TIDAL Streaming)
  • David Bowie - Aladdin Sane, RCA (1973 LP)
  • Paul Simon - Graceland, Warner Brothers (1986 LP)
  • Various Artists - Real Word 25, Real World Records (2014 3CD)
  • Pink Floyd - Animals, CBS (1977 LP)
  • David Bowie - Space Oddity RCA (1969 LP)
  • Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch, Blue Note ST 84163 (1964/2014 LP)
  • John Coltrane - Blue Train, Blue Note 1577 (1957/2014 LP)
  • Queen - Queen, EMI (1973 LP)
  • McCoy Tyner - The Real McCoy, Blue Note BST 24864 (1967/2014 LP)

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