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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fat Freddys Drop - Live at Waipara Hills Winery - 2nd January 2016

Hadn't seen The Drop.. for quite a while and I had not long ago picked up their latest album. It was Mrs. Roddus who really wanted to see this gig so who am I to disobey a direct order.
Waipara Hills do a couple of summer gigs each year in the paddock behind the winery and this was the first time we had been there.
Unfortunately the weather forecast wasn't the best with showers forecast for the evening, so we threw in the raincoats and headed off on the hours drive to the venue.
We arrived earlyish and got a park near the front of the parking area, ready for a quick getaway at the end. Entered the venue and found a pozzie to set up the deck chairs and wait fir he first act. It was during this wait that the rain arrived but it wasn't heavy and didn't last for too long and the rest of the night was mostly devoid of the wet stuff.
I don't usually get into the support acts too much but the group who played this night(whose name we can't remember) did a really good job and actually had quite a number of people up dancing. The highlight of their set was a great Afrobeat like number with Fat Freddys Saxophonist lending support. 

Fat Freddy hit the stage without too long a wait after the first act and very soon had pretty much the whole crowd on their feet, with their groovy Dub/Reggae/Electronica supported by a brass section. They played quite a lot of material from their new album and their groove was so infectious that it was impossible to resist shaking the booty to the groove. The gig was due to finish at 10pm and at 9:45pm, while The Drop was playing a medley of earlier songs, we made a quick exit to beat the traffic jam and was driving out the gate just as the hordes burst out heading for their cars. A good night.

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