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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Prophet Hens - The Darkroom - Christchurch January 12 2017

Been a few months since my last gig and seeing as I had picked up both of the Prophet Hens albums not that long ago and was getting to enjoy their Flying Nun/Dunedin brand of jangly indie pop more and more with each listen, I thought I should also go and check them out live while I had the opportunity. Regular readers(If such a thing exists) will now be familiar with The Darkroom in Christchurch after I saw several local bands there last year ( see previous posts). It is a tiny venue but I like it a lot and the sound is pretty good and not too loud.
   An all to familiar tale in Christchurch, a quality young band with two good records under their belt and some pretty catchy well constructed pop songs coming up from their home of Dunedin to play for us and only about 20 people come to see them play and it wasn't exactly an overly enthusiastic audience either. It is probably because of playing to audiences this small that the band announced during their show that this was probably going to be their last tour. That being said, they put on a good show and looked to be enjoying themselves as they played a good selection of their album tracks. They don't sound too much different from their records and the band gell together well as I was tapping my feet throughout the whole set. Really glad I saw them and the gig just deepened my appreciation of their music.
  They actually supplied their own support, as the opening act, Grawlixies, is actually The Bass player(Robin Cederman) and singer/keyboardist (Penelope Esplin) from The Prophet Hens. A nice folky duo with Robin on acoustic guitar and Penelope playing accordian. They played some lovely folk pop with interesting song lyrics/subjects and great vocal harmonies. Again I enjoyed their set a lot. A good night.

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