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Sunday, August 6, 2017

All Seeing Hand - The Darkroom - Christchurch - 22 July 2017

The Darkspace III gig was all set to be a pretty impressive night with myself having great records by at least half the artists. Alas the torrential rain that soaked the middle of the South Island, causing quite a lot of flooding, disrupted the travel plans of quite a number of the acts to the point where the organisers cancelled the gig.
 I was resigned to a night at home(at least I could watch the Rugby) but messages on Facebook suggested that at least All Seeing Hand had made it out of Dunedin and were driving up for the gig and local act Fran confirmed they would still play at the Darkroom supporting All Seeing hand when they arrived. All Seeing hand was the band I most wanted to see and so I set off for the city, hoping like hell they could get through the flooding.
 I arrived at the darkroom just past 8:30pm with Fran going through their sound check and not many punters yet arrived. It was quite a long wait before they actually took the stage with All Seeing Hand only just making it to the City. My addled memory is already a bit vague writing this report almost two weeks later but I remember enjoying Fran playing their set with Base, Drums and Keys I think. They had a really fat bass sound and the female bassist was also one of the bar staff.
  All Seeing Pretty much pulled into town and straight away were setting up for their set as soon as they arrived. A three piece with drums, electronics and a Throat singing lead singer, they dressed pretty weird and were bloody full of energy, bouncing round the stage and making a wonderful racket with their almost classifiable music.  They are one of the best bands in NZ at present and although their set was quite short, it was very impressive.

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