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Sunday, December 7, 2003

Avalanche Peak - 6-7th December 2003

Uncle Roddus Tramping diary:Tramp No 33
Avalanche Peak - 6-7th December 2003

A Classic Arthurs Pass trip, this was run by the Christchurch Tramping Club on which 11 of us spent Friday night at the Club hut before a late start on Saturday, waiting for the weather to clear. Left the hut late morning and started heading up Scotts track about 11am, catching up with some others of our group who left earlier. Had lunch before continuing on to Avalanche Peak, followed by a Kea. The day had cleared beautifully by the time we got to the summit, where we enjoyed the views, although it wasn't that warm up there, so our stay was short. Headed off along the ridge towards Mt Rolleston until we found the drop off point down to the Crow river from which we plunged down about 700M of  god awful scree leading us into the Crow river, then its just a short womble down stream to the new Crow hut.
Sunday was another fine day and we left the hut about 9am for a pleasant walk down the Crow valley before the last womble down the Waimak river to Klondyke Corner, in about 4 hours. Great trip and relatively easy.

View of Otira Highway from Scotts track

Getting up into the rocky stuff.

Our friendly Kea

Two Kea eyeing up Uncle Roddus's pack

On Avalanche Peak

About to head off to find the way down to the Crow Hut.

A rather had scree.

But I was last on and nearly first off.

View up th e Crow river to Mt Rolleston

Relaxin' at Crow Hut.

Another shot looking up steam of the Crow river.

A lovely day.

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