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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Broken River Hut - 13/14 December 2003

Uncle Roddus Tramping Diary: Tramp No.34
 Broken River Hut - 13/14 December 2003
This was a sort of impromptu trip with the Christchurch Tramping Club, as the original destination wasn't feasible due to weather conditions, but this little trip has stuck in my memory as a delightful weekend not just for the tramping but for the company I enjoyed. Frank and Honora were leading this trip and I had convinced My friend Bryce to come along as he had recently moved down from the North Island, Kerry I had tramped with on several occasions and Laure was the only member of this party I didn't know.
  We stayed at the Club Hut in Arthurs Pass on Friday night with the intention of going to Phiffer Biv on Saturday. Unfortunately, the forecast was for heavy rain about the divide with strong Nor west winds, a common scenario in this area. On Saturday Morning the picture wasn't too inviting and after a pow-wow, at Franks suggestion, we headed back East and up Cragiburn Road to Avoca to go to Broken River hut.
  This involved heading from the old Avoca hut along the old tramway to the old boiler, then a scramble down the old cable way to the river where we wombled pleasantly up stream, stopping for a quick swim in a nice pool, before heading to the Hut. We got to the hut by 3PM where we set up camp and then proceeded to relax in the lovely warm conditions and also relaxed in the river to cool down.
  The hut its self wasn't much to write home about and from memory was a bit dingy and with only four bunks, Bryce and myself slept in our tent. A very pleasant evening was enjoyed just hanging out and chatting.
  On Sunday it was back out down stream, but the expected winds had picked up and we got a bit blasted with grit and water before we reached the old Station woolsheds and house, near the Railway viaduct. Had lunch here and explored the old buildings before crossing the river and using the 4 wheel drive track to take us back to the cars. Arriving about 2PM. A pretty easy weekend but as I said, very enjoyable.

The old Avoca hut

Cragiburn Road

A breather in the heat just before Honora stripped naked and dived into the pool beside us, just so she wouldn't feel too self conscious(as if she would) Uncle Roddus followed suit soon after.
Relaxin' buy the hut.

The old boiler.

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