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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The First Post

This is my first post of BlogRoddus. I hope to use this Blog as a conduit for me to share my love of music, my exploits when Tramping and as a place to express my opinions and things of interest to me and hopefully to others. And occasionally as a place to just Rant about the state of the world. I hope you find something of interest on this blog and keep visiting it as it evolves and I get to know better what I am doing.


Anonymous said...

Excellent, Roddus. I'll be enjoying your posts on tramping especially! xxHonora

Roddus said...

Thanks Honora, I hope to have some new trips to post soon.


僻乐mp3 said...

Hey Roddus,

I agree with Honora, more Tramping less music. Coz I thought you had a gig over at mine ;]


PS Good on ya' for getting it together R. I'll add your link and send u some traffic.

Roddus said...

Hey C. your Still it in the Music stakes. Wots with the Pic? Mrs Roddis will give me a hard time if she see that;)