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Friday, December 18, 2009

Pearl Jam - Live Christchurch 29-11-2009

It was a cool overcast Christchurch evening as Mrs. Roddus and I headed to AMI stadium to see Pearl Jam play. It was the first time either of us had seen them live. I had been listning to them for many years and have most of their albums, Mrs. Roddus knew some of their radio hits but not much else. As much as I wanted to go, it haden't been looking likely that we were going to, as we couldnt afford the tickets, being as work had been a bit slow the last few monthys and cashflow was inadequate for such luxuries. To the rescue came my trusty Electrical Wholesalers with two free tickets to their Corperate Box. So there we were, arriving late, to AMI Stadium, as Mrs. Roddus had to work that afternoon and so missing all the ques to get in and walking past the million or so emply booze containers of various descriptiond lying all over the place.
We arrived during Ben Harpers set and proceeded to gorge ourselves on the generosity of Telfer Electricals food that was supplied for our culinary pleasure and awaite Pearl Jam's appearence, which was sceduled for 8:30PM. We huddled in our seats well wrapped against the cold and watched the 30,000 odd crowd below us. The Moment arrived and the crowd roared and PJ launched into their first song. The sound was very good but for the reasonable breeze blowing across the park and making the sound fade in and out a bit, but I got use to it. They played an exellent gig, playing most of their big hits and several from their new album "Backspacer". I was a little disappointed that they didn't play "Rear View Mirror", which is my favorite song, but over all it was definatly one of the best gigs I have been to. It was the last concert of their current tour and they really let rip as well as playing for nearly 2 1/2 hours, including encores. Perhaps the highlight of the night was when Liam Finn( who played earlier, before we arrived) and his Father Neil Finn(Split Ends/Crowded House) joined them on stage and they did a version, first of a well known Crowded House song, which I know, but don't know the name of and then played the classic "I Got You" by Splitr Ends which got the entire crowd singing along with utmost gutso. This also showed just how good a singer Eddie Vedder is. This part was something that really made the show and I will never forget it, I was blown away. Definatly one of the best Gigs.

Post script. During the concert I happened to glance over to the next corporate box, where there were a group of yound guys and girls, some of the girls, scantly dressed and in tight jeans, it was an innocent glance, but i got a wack from Mrs. Roddus. Anyway, after the concert on the way home, she coundn't stop going on about how hot Eddie vedder was. Go Figure.

Sorry about the Photos, I forgot to take my digital camers and so had to use my cell phone, just not as good.

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