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Monday, March 22, 2010

Shapeshifter - The System Is A Vampire (New Zealand 2009)

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Another exellent Christchurch group having recently realeased this, their 5th album and another group proving wrong my previous statement about New Zealand Bands only being able to put out one or two good albums.
Shapeshifter play pop orientated Drum & Base. They are a band, they have a singer and a horn player among other musicians and they have a DRUMMER. I have seen them live on a couple of occasions and boy does he work hard. Live, these guys are unbeleivable, but they have previously not transferred that energy to disc and although I have enjoyed those albums, I was always a little disappointed. The System Is A Vampire still may not be as good as their live gigs but for Me it is their most satisfying effort to date. This realease again proves how good and how resiliant the NZ  Roots/Reggae/Electronic scene is. My Rating 4/5.

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