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Friday, April 9, 2010

Mufasa: A Eulogy to the Dude

The King is Dead and we are left broken hearted and distrought.

This little man came into our house in late 2007, a tiny ball of orange with bright eyes and the most loving nature. He soon won the hearts of all who dwell here, excetp Petel, the black female cat, but every one else, including the old Tom, Sid, fell under his spell. As he grew, so did our affection for him and as he came into adulthood he did become his namesake, The King of our house. He loved to stalk Petel, to bring live birds into the house, hide mice in my shoes, hang out with us in the garden, to annoy Sid , but Sid took it well, to waltz in at 3:00am and crawl under the bed covers with us, all covered with leaves that he would pick up in is long fluffy coat. With his winter coat he almost did have a Lions main. Most evenings after dinner, he would disappear outside to play for the evening, chasing moths, mice, Sid or Petel, teasing the dogs next door and generally causing trouble and every hour or so he would come inside to just see if we were still there, or to show us he was still here, have a smooch and then head outdoors again.

He loved and worshipped Sid  but he would always have to leap past Sid when we let them in and be first to the food bowls and Sid would sit back and wait till Mu was finished. He loved being brushed with the fine cat brush we brought him and was almost always there when we got home at nights looking up at us with those big eyes saying ,"come on, feed me". He was one of the Coolest Cats I have ever known and was a much loved member of out family.

The King awaiting his breakfast in bed.

Sometime during the night of the 7/8th April he must have been over the road checking out the paddock and what ever caught his intrest. He was hit by a car and as far as we can tell died instantly. Our neighbuor found his body on their front lawn later that day.
Our greif and sense of loss in deep, we will miss you MU.

Goodby my friend.


Leo Rattans said...

I feel your pain, man. I've never been owned by a cat myself, I live in the city so it wouldn't be fair.
Been adopted by one though. We really cared for each other.

Touching post.

Wv: aalishir (sounds like "goodbye" in some faraway language, don't you think?)

Roddus said...

Thanks leo, we will miss him, our house has been lessened without him.