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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Under The Southern Moonlight (The Kiwi Rock Scene1970 - 1975) - Various Artists.

Another Recent Roddus Purchase

Here is an interesting find I recently came across in the Warehouse for a very reasonable price. A compilation of  early 70's New Zealand rock. Some classics here I already have or know, like the exellent "Good Morning Mr Rock N' Roll" by Headband and "Ride The Rain" by Quincy Conserve, featuring the late grate Bruno Laurance, as well as his BLERTA, also included here.Some less known classics from classic bands like Split Enz, Luther, Dragon and The La De Da's and plenty of rarities from obscure bands like Taylor, Butler, Bitch and Killip, not to mention also awesome stuff from the likes of The Underdogs, Ticket, Space Farm and A cover of  The kinks "You Really Got Me" By The powerful Human Instinct.
Overall, a very good compilation giving a great cross section of the NZ rock scene from this period. No real weak tracks here just plenty of killers with several others that grow with each listen and showing the talent and professionalism of the local scene even 35 years ago. My Rating 4/5

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