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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

VA - The Sound of Kinshasa - Guitar Classics From Zaire (1995)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review
African Music Month

1. Ombiza Charles - Masida Ngalina (2:58)
2. Orch. A.H. Depalo - Etoile Des Neiges (3:07)
3. Nino & Orch. Rockamambo - Mickey Me Queiro (2:52)
4. Orch. African Jazz - Mokozi Ya Mboka (2:50)
5. Franco & Orch. OK Jazz - Bomboko Awuti Na New York (2:50)
6. Kalle & Orch. OK Jazz - Tika Nedeka No Te (2:46)
7. Rochereau & Orch. African Fiesta - Madina (3:14)
8. Mujos & Orch. OK Jazz - Finga Mama Munu (3:38)
9. Ngwalau Michel & Orch. African Fiesta - Limbisa Ngai (4:52)
10. Jojo & Orch. OK Jazz - Komokosaka Te Na Basi (4:26)
11. Depiano & Orch. Beguen Band - Christina (3:18)
12. Dr. Nico & Orch. African Fiesta - Kiri Kiri Mabina Ya Sika (5:27)
13. Orch. Empire des Bakuba - Ya Yongo (5:22)

A little bit different from the usual Afro funk I listen too, this compilation is more traditional sounding , covering  music from the above mentioned place over the period from sometime in the 50s to sometime in the 70s. Not a lot of info on this release and I'm not sure exactly where I got it from now. A bit of jazz, highlife, traditional rhythms and pop, sung in the native tongue. The first track is a good example of African blues and the rest get funkier as we progress through time. Plenty of Cuban influence here as well. A little lo-fi and while listening at work this collection failed to grab me at first, but as I listen again now with  more focus and a bit more familiarity of the songs I fine this collection to be overall quite enjoyable. Rating 3/5

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