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Friday, December 16, 2011

Murder Junkies - Feed My Sleaze (USA 1995)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

I had been aware of Bomp Records for many years, mainly through their distribution of the "Pebbles Series" 60s Garage Compilations, but later through the excellent "Straight Outta Burbank" 25th anniversary double set which I had got from Emusic several years ago. Recently checking out their web site and online shop, I found that they were selling 5CD bundles of CDs for US$10. They picked the CDs, so their was a chance that they might be pretty crappy, but as I knew some of the artists and types of music in their roster I thought that for the price it was worth the risk and I might pick up some real gems. They had several different bundles covering different styles covered by the Alive Label, which they distributed and well as one actual Bomp bundle and so I ordered 5 Bundles for a total of 25CDs for just over $100NZ incl. package and post.
Murder Junkies is my first review of this bundle of CDs and as the name implies this definitely ain't easy listening and with song titles like "Stiff Cold Fuck", "Waking up in a Pool Of Piss" and  "Jism On The Cross", these guys aren't to serious. Balls out Garage Rock/Punk, think "A Fistfull Of Rock N' Roll"  and Zodiac Mindwarp crossed with Anti-Nowhere League. Pretty coarse vocals and average riffs but some nice solos and  a couple of stronger songs in "Stiff Cold..." and the closing track, but otherwise fails to really captivate me. Clocking in at just over 18 minutes for 7 songs pretty much makes this an EP. Rating 2.5/5.

I almost forgot to mention that these guys were originally a backing band for the extremely sick and twisted GG Allin and so have dwelt in the very lowest pits of Rock N' Roll depravity and they truly sound like it.

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