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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mi-Sex - Space Race (New Zealand 1980)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

This is it, the first album I ever owned, the start of my large collection and my obsession with music.
My Mother brought a second hand Thorn integrated stereo back in late 79' or early 80'. One of those wooden cabinet things with record storage below the turntable and separate speakers. Not exactly top end but much better than the square box thing with the fold down turntable and integrated speakers that I had in my bedroom later. The Thorn wasn't too bad a system and was bloody loud, much to the annoyance to the neighbours. Mi-Sex were a local band but were based in Australia and were having success at the time with a couple of songs on fairly heavy rotation on one of the few radio stations we had back then. Now that we had a stereo, Mum, it seems, was switched on enough to what I was digging in the radio to get me this for Christmas that year along with a copy of Split Enz's "True Colours" album. The beginnings of  an obsession.
Space Race was the second album by Mi-Sex and the big hit from this new wave/synthpop and slightly arty music was "People" and for me the highlight is the slower "It Only Hurts When I'm Laughing" with it's great guitar break. "Ice Cold Dead " and "Burning up" are also stand out tracks on an album without any weak songs. Still enjoy this after all these years and it has stood the test of time well and I should see if I can still gert a copy on CD. Rating 4.5/5

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