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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nirvana - Live at Paramount 1991 (USA 2011)

An uncle Roddus video review

I never got to see my favourite band of the time live in concert and hadn't been following recent concert releases from them. I had all their albums except the live 'From the Muddy Banks of the Wishka" and also haven't listened to any of  their music for sometime. So when I came across this live concert from 1991, I was keen to check it out, especially after getting a Pearl jam DVD for Xmas with mention of Nirvana.. Filmed in a moderate size venue which appears packed to the gunnells and I suspect a crowd of the size that Kurt Cobain would have liked to have kept playing to, not long after the release of Nevermind, the 60 odd minute adrenalin fuelled set is culled from the first two albums and some early tracks that also turned up on the Insecticide album. One surprise was the Song "Rape Me" which was included on In Utero, so I wonder how many other In Utero songs were already written at this early stage. Three musicians on a pretty bare stage with only a white screen for a backdrop, which changes colour occasionally, and a couple of lame dancers on the sides, makes for a very pure and authentic Rock N' Roll experience. The music is awesome, the sound brilliant and the quality of the film surprisingly good. Kurt spends most of the time with his eyes closed, his hair over his face, shredding his voice, and his fingers on his guitar and appears totally absorbed in the music. He says very little to the audience, leaving Krist to banter to the crowd, and spends several periods lying on the stage in various foetal positions bludgeoning us with his guitar solos. Dave's frenetic drumming is also great to watch. The style of the filming is also very good and I really liked the way the cameras got on stage with the guys and filmed at all sorts of different angles and the way they panned and you could see a camera man filming before they cut to his shot. " Aneurysm" is my favourite Nirvana song and possibly the greatest piece of Grunge recorded and this live version gives me goose bumps and reminds me how much I love it. I haven't seen any of the other Nirvana live DVDs from Reading in 92' and others, but they would be hard pressed to be as good as this one. Highly recommended and gets a Roddus rating of 5/5

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