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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Mt Olympus to Mt Enys - 25th April 2004

Uncle Roddus Tramping Diary:tramp No. 46
Mt Olympus to Mt Enys 25th April 2004

This was a slightly insane trip with the CTC with the original intention of a moderate days walk up to Mt Olympus and onto Cheeseman and back to the car. A foggy day on the Planes but a stunning day on the Cragiburns, we had conqured Olympus by 11:30am and bagged Cheesman by 1:00PM. Some fool uttered the comment that we could possibly get all the way to Enys and that they hadn't been to Enys. The group took this on as a challenge with Uncle Roddus tagging along at the rare, not wanting to be the one to pike out, set off a brisk pace. Izard wizzed by and then Cloudsley and finally we made Enys with Uncle Roddus the last to arrive at each peak and so not getting much of a rest. We then backtracked along the ridge from Enys and dropped down the scree that we had come down the on the earlier trip up Enys and Uncle Roddus(who loves a good scree) was the first one to the bottom and we got back to the cars by 6:00PM. Approx 23KM traveled with an estimated height gain of  around 2300M. A don't have the start time, but depending on what time they left town we may have got away on the climb to Olympus just after 9:00am, but in light of the original tramping route, I would have thought that the the usual start time would have been sufficient and therefore it would be unlikely we would have been on track quite so early, so the travel time, all up, is probably somewhere between 8 and 9 hours. Not the longest day I have done, but certainly the hardest.
I Cannot find any photos from this trip probably due to the fact that there was no time to take any.

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