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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Steepface Hill - 17th April 2004

Uncle Roddus Tramping Diary: Tramp No.45
Steepface Hill 17 April 2004

Just the three of us did this CTC trip to Steepface hill which is on the true right of the Rakia River, just south of Black Hill, which I had also done recently, and just north of Mt Hutt. We left the car at Hutt stream on a mild day with a bit of high cloud. Headed up Hutt stream and then ascended to point 1574 where we had a short break and admired the views. The wind, although not too strong, was a bit cold, so we headed on quickly north to Steepface itself at 1876. After Lunch, we headed along the spur to point 1488 before trying to find a scree that would take us directly down to the road. Unfortunately, we didn't sidle left enough around the face of the hill and didn't find that scree and so ended up having to crash our way through the matagari at the bottom of the hill. A good climb of about 1500M and around 10KM traveled.

The view down Hutt Stream to the Rakia River.
The back view from point 1574

Pit stop at point 1574 with out destination in the background.
View of Rakia River, Peak hill, Mt Oakden and a bit of Lake Coleridge.

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