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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mt Oxford loop -18th August 2012

Uncle Roddus Tramping diary:Tramp No 122
Mt Oxford loop -18th August 2012

Uncle Roddus managed to drag a couple of tramping buddies out again on his annual Mt Oxford Loop trip.
This year he was accompanied by the two Bryces', here forthwith known as BC and BW.
It was a wonderful fine late winters day as BC, BW and UR set off from Coopers Creek about 9:30am and headed over the river and past the Scout den to climb Mt Oxford. Steady progress was made as we ascended and enjoyed seeing the top of the fog lying over the Canterbury plains. Near the summit they encountered some of the recent snow and BC and BW decided to put on their crampons. UR couldn't be bothered as the snow wasn't all that hard, but it was marginal and a couple of times he contemplated stopping and donning the aforementioned crampons, but did make the summit without them. A leisurely lunch was had in the sun at the summit while BC played with his new and rather heavy Canon SLR camera. It was a pleasurable womble along the snowy tops as the trio headed off to complete the loop back down to the Warfdale track and than back to Coopers Creek. A slower trip this year taking just over 8 hours.
A nice view of the mount as we approach from Coopers Creek.

Well above the fog the shrouded the plains for a large part of the morning.

BC trudging up the ridge weighed down with his new camera.

Finally hitting the snow.

BC with the plains in the background.

BW nearing the summit.

BC action shot.

BC on the summit with Lees Valley in the background.

BW & BC on the snow near the summit.

A good shot of the Puketeraki range in the background.

BC Action shot.

BW getting ahead of us.

Some shots of UR taken by BC & BW.

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