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Monday, August 27, 2012

Straight Outta Burbank- The Bomp! 25th Anniversary Collection - Various Artists (USA 1999)

An Uncle Roddus Album review

So here is another of the recent arrivals and this one has been on my purchase list for quite some time since I downloaded it via my Emusic subscription about 10 years ago and I was glad it was still available for purchase. An interesting and slightly eclectic collection from the Bomp archives and it's subsidiary labels with a majority of the collection skewed towards the Punk/Power pop end of the musical spectrum and boasting several tracks that have become 5 star classics for me and quite a number more in the 4 star bracket. With 45 tracks over 2 CDs it's not all plain sailing with some dodgy live tracks and several not so enjoyable punkers of the very lo-fi variety but overall I have enjoyed much of this collection over the years and several of the aforementioned 5 star tracks were included in my mammoth Punk Sampler some time back. With some great 5 star moments from obscure bands like The Barracudas, DM3, The Breakaways, Dave Allan and the Arrows and the Pink Fairies, all up-tempo power pop and punk numbers, but the highlight and best surprise for me is the totally excellent track by the Martians, a piece of 60s pop tinged rockabilly that I had heard many years ago somewhere but never knew who it was and so couldn't buy it. A very obscure but brilliant song. Any how the overall rating I give this set is 4.5/5.

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