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Monday, July 8, 2013

Black Sabbath - 13 (UK 2013)

New CD arrival.

What an amazing surprise this is. Sabbath's first studio album since like 1995 and the first with Ozzy since they kicked him out of the band some time back in the late 70's. The only person Missing from the original lineup for this set is the amazing Bill Ward, Oh what bliss if he was on this too.
So listening to this album now and it sounds stylistically just like so many contemporary metal albums, except it fucken blows most of those pretenders of the fucken planet. These guys invented this music and even now this bunch of over 60's can bludgeon our ears better than 99% of those who worshipped the riffs of before.
I really dig the feel of Heavy Metal, the riffs, the heavyness, the sound, but many many highly rated groups and albums disappointed me and so my metal collection is very small. Sabbath are the quintessential Metal Band both back in the early 70's and again now with this latest release. I have goose bumps listening to this.
The riffing is sublime, Ozzy sounds as fresh as he was on the first Black Sabbath album and the long tunes never lose focus. The band is tight. This is classic Sabbath and will not disappoint. 
Is it as good as the early albums? No, of course not, it could never be, they were a sublime peak thast can never be matched, but this comes damned close, confirming Sabbath to be my all time favourite rock band.
Rating 5/5.

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