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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Bads - Bluesmoke - Christchurch 20 July 2017

Another New Zealand band that have been around for quite a while but I was not familiar with them until the release of their new album which was posted in some Facebook group I frequent and looked interesting. I did some quick listening on Bandcamp, liked what I heard enough to take a punt and go see them on this album release tour and hopefully pick up the aforementioned LP while there.
 The Bads are lead buy the couple Dianne Swann and Brett Adams, both have been around the NZ scene for more than 30 years and had been in high profile local bands in their early careers.
 They were supported buy two other local acts as I arrived at an only half full Blue Smoke, secured a beverage and found a spot to enjoy the show.
 First up was Flip Grater, a solo woman on acoustic guitar who did a pleasant set of nice songs that I enjoyed but didn't leave a lasting impression for me to say much more four days and three gigs later.
 The next act was a husband and duo going under the moniker Terrible Sons with him on acoustic guitar and her on keys. Nice vocal harmonies and a very quiet laid back sound. She had a nice voice and really caught my attention on the last piece of their set when she let loose with some cool vocalisations at the end of the song. Again a nice support act but nothing to really stick in my memory apart from the very laid back vibe of their music.
 The Bads hit the stage with their backing band making for five musicians on stage. They ripped straight into it with a fabulous sound from the PA and played a set of great and catchy Alt-Country pop, with some slower numbers as well. They played several off the new album, of course and some older tracks and considering I really was not at all familiar with their music, I was totally impressed with their music and vibe and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Brett Adams proved to be a very impressive Guitar player and the band was tight and having a great time. I walked away at the end totally impressed and would love to see them play again. Listening to the album next day was a bit disappointing after the energy of their live show but it is a well crafted and well recorded album which I am growing to enjoy a lot.

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