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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Miltones - Blue Smoke - Christchurch - 16 July 2017

I recently picked up a copy of a most excellent debut album from the above combo and so liked their brilliant take on light Americana and Fleetwood Mac. My wife was also impressed enough to want to come along with me to see this five piece in a Sunday sit down gig at Blue smoke.
 After lunching in the city and doing several chores we ascended on Blue Smoke about 15 minutes after the advertised door opening hour and after procuring drinks found a good table in the center of the room.
 The support act was a fella by the name of Nick Dow who played an electric piano/keyboard and was backed by a drummer and another fella on guitar. The music he presented was very laid back pop, almost jazz-like and certainly did have some Jazz flourishes at times. It was really nice music and Nick was a good singer. Perfect Sunday music and I really enjoyed their set. I was reminded of another NZ artist called Gramsci while listening to this music. 
 It was a surprisingly quick turnaround between sets as The Miltones hit the stage and got stuck into the songs off their album. Their sound was clean and clear, the singer is really great and the band was tight and professional and having a ball playing their songs. They played at least one song not on the album and also during one of the later songs in their set the keyboard player let loose a very cool trumpet solo giving the track an afrobeat feel and showing the versatility of this band. They had several people up dancing by the second half of  their show and I was even more impressed with them in a live context, as much as I like their album. Their sound is pretty commercial but I thing their songs are strong and they sound very confident. I think they could go far. Brilliant gig.

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