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Monday, October 7, 2019

Nervous Jerk - Darkroom - Christchurch 27th September 2019

Christchurch 3 piece punk band Nervous Jerk put out their first piece of vinyl on 7 inch showcasing three tracks including their contributing track to the Melted Ice Cream CD comp Sickest Smashes From Arson City, "Vitamins".
 I had seen them play a couple of times before including as part of the Melted Ice Cream multi band series of concerts when the aforementioned compilation came out. The two other bands supporting that night also piqued my interest of getting of my lazy butt and getting into the city to see some live music. 
 First up was another three piece band called Mental Fatal. I had caught A snippet of a video of them preforming at another local venue online and was impressed enough to want to see them play at some point. I was not disappointed with their American influenced hardcore punk, classical snotty punk singer and energetic trashy songs that impressed me a lot. I actually enjoyed this band the best of the three on this particular night.
  Next up was a rare appearance by another three piece, The Transistors. I had seen them play a few years back supporting the Buzzcocks and had been impressed enough to track down a copy of their only full album. The album was not as impressive as I had hoped but they were a pretty good live act. They said pretty much all the songs they played that night were from that album and the first few songs didn't really fire me up that much but in the middle section of their set the played three songs that I though were great and really had me tapping my foot and the mosh pit was heaving..
 Finally Nervous Jerk hit the stage to strut their stuff. It was good to see the Darkroom pretty full this night and again the mosh pit was heaving with bodies causing this old fart to retire towards the back og the room. The Jerk played a good set but I didn't think it was as good as the last time I had seen them playing their classic punk. I did get somewhat distracted during their set by going next door to Ride On Super Sounds to purchase some Records. Still, a great punk band and definitely worth checking out live.

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