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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Hometown Band - Flying (Canada 1976)

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Album Of The Week Part 2

This wounderful album has come right out of left field(for me) and really impressed the hell out of me. This has several Jazz based slow pop songs, which is a style I don't usuially care for, but they are if such strong quality that I had to really sit up and take notice. These are sort of slow burning torch songs in a less funky sort of Roberta Flack style, could be my best description of them.(please forgive me if this is off the mark) There is also a touch of Steely Dan on some tracks, so I guess thats why it appeals to me so much. The Quality of the music, the musicians and the production is outstanding (even though I'm listning to a vinyl rip, downloaded of the net), how can music so good be so obscure.
Hailing from Canada, they only put out two albums. If the other one is as good as this, I can't wait to hear it(hint C.) Someone please release this on CD.

  1. Flying: A slow, soft start, outstanding vocals from Shari, this track soars and swoons, should have been a smash hit, a brilliant pop song.5/5
  2. Mad Larry: Funky Steely Dan type song, great jazzy vocals and cool Sax and violin solos, this rocks.4/5
  3. Everbody Wants to Get to Heaven: Things slow back down again with this one, Male/Female vocals , simple beat with organ, a sprituial song. 4/5
  4. Wingless Bird: Another beautiful slow number cool piano with bass and drums to start then organ comes in, another great pop song. 4/5
  5. I'm Ready: A more uptempo track with a country pickin' intro, another cool sax solo as well as organ.4/5
  6. Spread Em' All Around: The band really get to strutt their stuff on this 12 minute Jazz/Prog(with folky overtones) instrumental workout. Starts of at a quick pace, before slowing down for some nice Floydian organ noodling and then things slowly pick back up with the organ promonent in a funky/jazzy sort of way, then the guitar chimes in with some well echoed picking and we're flowing along nicely now, tapping the foot and really grooving, and we're only half way through. Slows back down now with some souful Saxaphone and other noodlings in support. then we start to funk out again with the sax really grooving with organ accompaning. Really going for it now with the sax dominating so well and then we'er back to the starting melodies to finish, Very Cool 4.5/5
  7.  Into the Night: Silky smooth, late night jazz feel to this finalk 11 minute track, then the awesome airy vocals of Shari start in before the tempo shifts up and takes us into the first Sax solo. Piano brings us back down ready for Shari to wow us again with her voice and then we soar off again into another solo for the sax, followed by a lovley piano peice and a flute solo. Very atomspheric track, so well done to pull this off so well.4.5/5
This rare and brilliant LP was brought to my attention by by blogging buddy Chuntao, over at Rare MP3 Music so check it out and see if I am telling the truth.
Also go here for more info about this band.

My over rating for this album 4.5/5, which is very impressive for an album I have only just discovered.


uberbelly said...

Nice review Roddus! I have loved this album ever since hearing Flying on Canadian AOR FM radio.
What a song!!! It was a minor hit in Canada. Not easy to find a good copy on vinyl...I've bought three, lol. And I'm always on the lookout for their second album.

Chuntao Rocks!


Roddus said...

Well done Jeff for donating this masterpiece for Chuntao's readers (yes she Rock's) and lets hope you do find their second album, of mabe Chuntao mabe able to dig up a digital cope for us.

Thanks for visiting my Blog