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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Roddus 2010 Potato Harvest


Leo Rattans said...

Those red ones are Asterix, right?
And the other ones, one may be Melody but I'm not sure. And the third?

This should be a contast.

Do you grow mandelpotatis too?


Roddus said...

Hey leo,
The Red ones we call Rua, I think, I had to grab some extra seeding pottatoes from our pantry to fill the rest of the plot.
The yellow ones on the right are Agra
And the white ones at the bottom we call Ilam Hardy.

The Ilam Hardy are very good as new potatoe and for mashing.

The agra are exellent for roasting and the rua just an sll round spud i think.

What on earth is a mandelpotatis?


Leo Rattans said...

Well, dear Roddus, from the country that brought the world such great words as "ombudsman", "smorgasbord" and "pappaledighet", we now proudly present "mandelpotatis".
Translates roughly as "almond potatoe", not for its taste but its shape. It's rather yellow when peeled, very starchy, and goes very well with "surströmming", fermented herring. A delicacy to some, me I can't stomach it.

Keep on trucking, Leo.