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Friday, October 29, 2010

Varoius Artists - Vanity Records: Finest Selection 1978-81(Japan)

Another Roddus album of The Day

1. BGM- And
2. Sympathy Nervous- Inverted Type
3. Dada- Yuuen Inraku Gaki
4. Mad Tea Party- Hide & Seek
5. RNA Organism- Yes, Every Africa Must Be Free Eternally
6. Arbeit- Bundes Nachrichten Dienst
7. Aunt Sally- Aunt Sally
8. Morio Agata- ------
9. Normal Brain- Music
10. Perfect Mother- You'll No So Wit
11. Tolerance- Sacrifice
12. Kiiro Radical- Denki Noise Dance 3
Late Friday night, Mrs Roddus is asleep as she has to go to work at 4:30am tomorrow, Mrs Roddus In law, has finally moved back to the city after her house was trashed by the Earthquake in September and so I get to do my own thing in peace, which was suppose to be writing a couple more reviews of albums I listened to on the MP3 player at work today. But alas, during my research I keep finding other blogs with other interesting types of music to sample. Musics of such a wide scope and variety of which I wouldn't ever get to check out if they weren't shared by other music enthusiasts, the rare and obscure stuff that you can't go down and buy at the local mall chain music store. Music so obscure and different and commercially unavailable that you would be very lucky to find any of it even at the more specialist stores. Which brings me to the find of the night of obscure music.This compilation is a sampling of  excellent Japanese music released by the insightful and totally brilliant Vanity label back in the late 70s and early 80s.Vanity released only 11 full albums during its short life time and these were only in limited numbers of 300-500 copies. That makes for some very rare and obscure music.That doesn't mean that it is any good though. In the case of Vanity records though, judging by the quality of the tracks on this sampler, the music is consistently good.We're not talking top 40 here or FM rock or any form of commercial music. We are talking about  fairly weird stuff here, which is most often the case with so much Japanese music. A good mix of styles that all gel together very well and certainly show their influences, reminding me of English post Punk like The Mekons, Cabaret Voltaire, The Slits, A Certain Ratio, along with early electronic sounds and even some Krautrock influences. Others talk of Fripp and Eno influences and there is plenty of atmosphere amongst this lot. Right from the first listen I wanted to check out the records released from this label and so started to search for a Vanity records discography to help me search.The first site I found, I hit pay dirt with  a list of everything Vanity released with links to blogs that had uploaded this wonderful and hard to find music.I am gonna rate this Sampler 5/5 and as I type I am downloading some of those releases to check out soon.

Go here to visit the blog from which I found this Gem.

And here to check the list of releases and links to download.

For those adventurous enough to check this out, I hope you enjoy as much as I am.


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