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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

VA - Nigeria Special - Modern Highlife Afro sounds and Nigerian Blues 1970-76 (Strut 2007)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

Here it is, the last of the Afro compilations that I have on CD(for Now) and another excellent Strut release, with this volume being a double to help dissipate the large quantity of totally brilliant Afro-centric music they have unearthed.  I still have another couple of these Nigeria Special collections on the hard drive, but I think that this one is the best of the series, full of sublime tunes with unforgettable melodies and a real mix of different styles, not just all heavy Afrofunk.
Time and laziness prevents me from ranting on in more detail about the awesome quality of this set and anyway, the music speaks for its self. For those who dig this sort of music and want to explore some more, then I highly recommend this release and rate it 5/5.
Well that about wraps up the all the Afro comps that I have on CD for the moment. More on the way in the near future(I hope).

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