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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bob Dylan - Tempest (USA 2012)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

Uncle Bobs latest opus is about to hit the stores in a matter of days and I have finally found a leaked copy to check out to see if it is worth buying. Uncut Magazine, October issue, just recently arrived airmail direct from the UK, also had a review of this set, three  pages, and rated it 10/10, album of the month(Of course).
Now Bob has been consistent over the last 15 years, if not prolific, and although I have consistently approved and enjoyed his late works which exude a mature quality of craftsmanship and musicianship and have been rooted in a juxtaposition of Jazz, blues, and country infused pop/rock, I also have to point out that none of the music has induced proxy-isms of euphoria for me, unlike the reviewer in Uncut. 
Tempest sounds like it is following pretty much in the footsteps of its predecessors. On first listens it sound like standard late period Bob and that isn't a bad thing. Nothing here that is gonna make me think twice about buying this and plenty here to appreciate on repeated deeper investigation. Mostly mid tempo and some slower, laid back stuff and the now obligatory Howlin' Wolf rip off I can safely say that I would rate this 3.5/5 at this early stage but I doubt that rating will improve all that much after more in-depth familiarisation.

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