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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield (USA 1969)

Off The Shelf

Been reading Neil Youngs' "Waging Heavy Peace" And got to his bit about meeting Stephen Stills in LA which lead to the formation of The Buffalo Springfield. There are three bands from the 60s (Outside of The Beatles and Zappa's Mothers of Invention) that stand out head and shoulders above all the others for me(and that is against some mighty stiff competition). Spirit is one, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and the mighty awesome Buffalo Springfield. 
This was their first of only three albums and it kicks of with their big hit, which most of us will know, the magnificent "For What It's Worth". The rest of the album is a fantastic blend of folk, country and 60s pop, it is a powerful set and just oozes self assurance and quality. This is also the album that introduced us to the mighty talent of the incomparable Neil Young, with his 5 compositions being the best ones for me. Better than the Byrds, massively influential, a classic album which I should listen to far more than I do. Rating 5/5.

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