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Thursday, March 20, 2014

John Zorn - Filmworks IV - S&M + More (USA 1997)

Latest Zorn Filmworks Arrival.

This release is another compilation of various film musics from a bunch of obscure flicks that not many of us have seen. The tracks here are a lot longer that the many short music samples from most of the previous volumes. The set kicks of with a sort of late night dubby thing that cruises along quite pleasantly and is a lovely relaxing vibe, where as the second track is far more esoteric and is actually a number of smaller sound bites from the same film soundtrack all indexed as one track. As usual with Zorn there is a vast cornucopia of musical styles on offer here, making for an intriguing listen, although not all of it is riveting and some of it will work better hearing it in the context of the film it was created for. Rating 3/5.  

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