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Sunday, March 9, 2014

John Zorn - Filmworks III - 1990-1995

Another Zorn filmworks CD.

The next volume of Zorn's Filmworks releases arrived a couple of weeks back and it is another collection of over 50 tracks in just over an hour. The first 12 tracks are most important as it was the first coming together of the four musicians who went on to form Masada and it is a great bunch of nice jazz tracks. The tracks 14-25 are Zorn and Marc Ribot letting loose on some very cool music. There is some real lovely mellow laid back stuff amongst the more raucous stuff. I don't think I have heard Ribot and Zorn play together like this, just the two of them, it is very good. The rest of the collection is apparently a bunch of advertising jingles, so to speak and most  are very short and cover a vast amount of musical territory with some familiar themes which I recognise as they were developed further later on on some of the Naked City releases. Overall a most interesting release.Rating 4/5.

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