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Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Hutt - 21 February 2015

Uncle Roddus Tramping diary: Tramp No. 154
Mt Hutt 21 February 2015

Another CTC club trip to the top of Mt Hutt which is, of  course, behind the famous Mt Hutt ski field on the Mt Hutt range, overlooking the Rakia River.
 I met the group at the corner of Blackford Rd just past 8am on a mild and mostly clear Saturday morning. Just the four of us on this trip as we left the cars at the little river bridge and trudge up the wide rocky stream bed heading for our ascent ridge. Once on the ridge, we followed a deer fence most of the way along the lower ridge before a steep ascent up loose rocks and scree to the upper part of the ridge. It's a long climb with several stops to catch our breath and drink and eat and enjoy the views developing as we climb. We made the summit just past 2PM, it taking us just over 5 hours to climb the 1700m to the summit from the car.
 From the summit it was a fairly easy womble along the tops and along the north east ridge above Little River. We dropped of into the top of the side stream and bounded down a pretty patchy scree before hitting the main stream near a small hydro inlet. It was then a simple slog down a farm track back to the bridge and cars. Time ; 8 hours 36 minutes, distance: 15.9Km, total ascent: 1875m.

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