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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kiyoko Itoh - Woman at 23 hour-love In (Japan 1971)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

01. Goji kara juji made no watashi
02. Poem: "Moshimo ryuusei ga..." Shiroi mori
03. Check Mate
04. Kiken kashira
05. Watashi ga michi o aruku toki
06. Chinmoku
07. Onna no sengen
08. Poem: "Papa oboeteiru?..."
09. Crayon
10. Dekigoto
11. Kyoujo
12. Poem: "Hitoribotchi no kokoro ga..."
13. Itsumo to onaji asa

A quick one tonight as time is short. Entering the deep, dark and mysterious world of Japanese music is a journey for the brave and adventurous. This  weird piece of oriental Chamber pop was found on the excellent Mutant Sounds blog. Album consists of quirky off kilter pop weirdness, with hints of jazz overlaid with the silky smooth and sugar sweet, slightly girlish vocals  and poetry of Itoh. Although interesting and unusual, the music failed to grab me and her high Japanese whisper got to annoy me a bit after several listens, not one to keep and gets a rating of 2/5

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